Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paid To Visit Sites!

One of my techniques for getting referrals that I previously shared is how I use "traffic exchanges" (that are free to join) to help me get extra traffic to my affiliates sites and hopefully have people sign up under my referral links!

Well, todays' posting will be about how I use "Get Paid To Visit Sites" to basically do the same thing!

Now, there are two sites that I been using for promoting for awhile now, quite successfully! While these sites do pay you to "visit other sites", the thing that is important to me is the "timed views"!

Let me explain, there are plenty of "Get Paid To Visit Sites" sites online. Basically, you get paid to click on links, visit a site, let the timer expire and move onto and another link etc!

Depending on where you live, you can visit quite the number of sites each day and with each site visited, you get paid!

Now, on some sites the timed visit is for anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds and the payout varies!

So you probably thinking..what does this have to do with promoting my referral link?

Okay, let me explain..rather than use these two sites to make money from, I exchange the money that I make for views!

Now remember, I didn't pay to join these sites, all I did was sign up and click on links to visit! So, all it been costing me is my time and effort!

What important to me about these site (the two that I weeded out from a the rest, that I am familiar with) is that I can exchange my earnings for visits! 30 seconds visits!

So here my tactic for using the "Get Paid To Visit Sites" sites..
  1. When I have free time
  2. I sign in (of course I am already a member!)
  3. I go directly to where the "links" are
  4. I click on a few "timed" links
  5. Once I reach my quote or daily limit, I check my "earnings"
  6. When I reach a certain limit, (let say $1.00, usually higher), I exchange my earnings for "visits to the site that I am promoting"..30 second visit to my site!
Now, bear in mind that, I am exchanging my earning (from site A)for visits to sites that pay me better (the site that I am promoting)! So in simplier terms...I am taking my "nickel and turning them into dimes"! Okay (drum roll please!)..the two sites that I recommend are
  • Paid To Visit Sites (1)
  • Paid To Visit Sites (2)

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